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Visiting Hours 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Daily. Including Holidays.

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Furball Farm is a sanctuary for feral cats.  We only accept feral cats in imminent danger.

Visiting hours:  1:00 – 5:00pm daily (including all holidays)

We do NOT accept owner surrenders or friendly stray cats.

We are a 501c3 non-profit.  FEIN: 81-4611071  Kennel License: MN726951

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  • All proceeds go to Furball Farm Cat Sanctuary!
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Sanctuary Event/Holiday Fundraisers

  • Click the button below to participate in fundraisers for the inside our sanctuary.  We will make social media posts proudly displaying the wonderful donations we receive!

Fundraisers inside our sanctuary

Buy a Brick Program

Furball Farm Cat Sanctuary is selling customized paver bricks to help fund the completion of the outdoor fenced-in playground area. Any donations we receive above the funds needed for this project will go to the care of the sanctuary cats, and to the Spay It Forward / Dr. Beverly Stephenson low cost, spay and neuter program. The cost of one 4 inch by 8 inch brick is $125.00 (adding an image is $10.00 additional). For best results, all engraving should be done in CAPITAL letters. The paver brick will fit eighteen characters TOTAL per line, including spaces, with 3 lines available.

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Adoptable Cats

Our goal is to find a forever home for the cats that begin to trust humans in our care. Please know that our cats come with baggage. Many have never had human kindness or interaction. They will take time to adjust to a new home, it could be weeks or months, please be patient.

We ask for adoption donation of $150 ($250 for kittens) to help offset vet services we incur.

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We need volunteers!

We Need You!!!

We are looking for dedicated volunteers who are willing to give 2, 3, 4, or more hours a week to help our wonderful fur babies. Most of the chores are done in the morning and the more people we have to help the faster we can get done and just love on the cats. We ask that you come for at least 2 hours to help with needed chores, beginning by 9am. Potential volunteers must visit our sanctuary first.

Morning Chores

  • Sweeping, disinfecting and deodorizing the sanctuary
  • Washing dishes and water fountains
  • Cleaning & brushing cat trees
  • Scooping poop (all day long)
  • Checking for dirty laundry, washing, and putting away clean laundry (all day)

Afternoon/Night Chores

  • Sweep again, mop again, clean all cat trees & toys
  • Fill food and water bowls
  • Scoop poop

Morning/Afternoon Chores

  • Making soup and passing it out
  • Scooping poop again

Anytime Chores

  • Cleaning toys
  • Vacuuming cat trees
  • Yes, scooping poop 🙂
  • Clean catio litter boxes, cat trees, and floor
  • Socializing and loving on the cats! (this is not a chore :)))

Soup Recipe

“Soup” Recipe makes one blender
1 Tablespoon Lysine
1/4 cup pure pumpkin
10-12 cans pate/grilled/shredded cat food**
2 cups warm water**
**actual measurements for these items can vary based on cat preference of soup consistency


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Wish List


We are always in need of general supplies:

Clumping cat litter
Cleaners, including Sanitizing wipes & sprays
Garbage bags (extra strength – litter waste is HEAVY :))
Paper towels
Treats like Temptations & Churu
Canned cat food (pate preferred)


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    We are a non-profit organization

    Furball Farm Cat Sanctuary is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, tax exempt.


    FEIN 81-4611071

    Kennel License – MN726951